In my bag

My camera bag.

Kelly Moore Sues 2 -in mustardI love it! It has so much room for all my cards and lens.I carry all kinds of things in my bag for family shoots and weddings.

1. stickers and candy-in case we have tears

2. Bandaids- you just never know

3. shout wipes-one time I had a bride fall into a mud puddle…so I grabbed these and she was good as new 🙂

4. business cards and ect.I get my business cards from Moo.

They have great products and a fast turn-around.My back up camera- Canon 50D

-at weddings this is what my second shooter uses.My main camera body- Canon 5D Mark iii.My favorite lens- Canon 50mm 1.2 L

-it’s on my camera 95% of the time.put these two together and it’s perfection!Canon 70-200 2.2 L

-I use this for portraits Canon 85 1.8

-this lens gives you creamy backgroundsCanon Extension tubeEF12 II

-my macro for small detailsTamron 12-24mm

-my wide angle lens