How to Leave a Review on Google

My husband and I were walking through Yard’s Park last week and stumbled across a new restaurant. Curious, we went inside and ended up enjoying a wonderful evening together. The ambience was delightful, food amazing, but what sold us was the care given to customer service. The chef even came out to see us. As we were finishing our evening, we both reached for our phones to leave them a google review. Being a small business owner myself, I know just how effective a good review can be. But….I had to google “how to leave a google review.” 🙂 So I thought I would share with you the benefits of reviews and a step by step on how to leave one on google.

Benefits of reviews:

  • Leaving a 5 start review is a way to say Thank You for an excellent service.
  • Reviews create trust for possible clients, if they are browsing multiple similar businesses, this gives you a huge benefit over your competition
  • Reviews on Google helps with your SEO. Google sees how many you have and in turn knows if you are legit and worth being seen

How to leave a google review:

  1. Go to your Google Maps app
  2. Search (type) the business you want to review
  3. Scroll to Reviews
  4. Tap on whichever star you prefer to rate your service
  5. If you want to go above and beyond, type out a review
  6. Done! It takes only 3 seconds and will mean the world to any of the small businesses you frequent

A few businesses you may want to leave a review for: 

  • local dry cleaners
  • favorite coffee shop
  • current gym
  • florist


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