Tips for Scheduling Your Fall Family Session -Washington, DC Family Photographer

It’s crazy, but my regular clients are booking fall sessions already. Between summer vacations, school starting again soon and all the other busy summer things; fall photo sessions aren’t typically on our agenda yet. They can sneak up on us so fast.

  1. Pick a date-this is half the battle. Coordinating a full family’s schedule can be tricky but if you plan a few months ahead you can easily block out a morning for everyone.
  2. Choose the best time of day-this is most important with small children. Typically early morning (9am is my favorite time to book) before it gets too warm or late afternoon (3-4) right after nap time.
  3. Have a back-up date and location-lots of times I try to schedule a Friday and keep Saturday as a back up. I also have made list of locations I can take my clients in case of rain. The Portrait Gallery is my favorite spot. It has and indoor atrium with white walls and lots of plants, the perfect indoor, rainy day spot with it’s glass ceiling.
  4. Choose outfits ahead of time-don’t wait till the night before to try on clothes or pick out your outfits. Last year for our fall photos I bought my husband a pair of pants and didn’t have him try them on till we were ready to leave for our session. Yep, even photographers do this! Sadly I must have grabbed a pair of “boys” that were in the adult section. Ugh, we had to totally change our colors, but it all worked out! It just makes for a few stressed and scrambled moments no one wants before a session.
  5. Booking in October and November allows you all the time to print cards so you aren’t rushed getting them out last minute and it becomes something enjoyable. Have your children put on the stamps or right a little note in them. Last year I handed out cards at Thanksgiving, it was so fun! This is also a great time if you have recently moved and want your friends and family to get your new address.
  6. *Pro Tip -over the past 5 years of shooting I have noticed the first weekend in November tends to have the nicest weather and brightest fall colors. It also is cooler if you want those warm afternoon photos during “golden hour”. If you are wanting to book a fall session, be sure to snag November 1 or November 2 for the best light and color.
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