The Birth Story of Daniel | DC Birth Photographer

Have you ever done something and afterwards felt, “I was made to do this?!” That’s how I felt after photographing my first birth. Honestly, I want to photograph 100 more.

 The day was cold and sunny as I drove to the hospital. I felt excitement and butterflies as I checked into the Labor and Delivery; but as I walked into their suite, everyone was so calm. Candles flickered and the parents were laughing as they had hushed conversations with their doula.

Several hours later, little Daniel Owen entered into this world. It’s hard to even describe that moment when a mother is given the ultimate reward for all her struggles: her baby. Her new, perfect squirmy baby. His soft, wet hair against her chin. His first cries. The happy tears of the new father. Jo said it perfectly, “The last day has felt like a dream.”

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