How to Organize Your Photos

Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at all the photos you have in your storage or on your computer, and worse yet; on your phone? Maybe you go to search for a certain photo and can’t even find it. When last did you order prints of your beautiful images and not just settle by posting them to your social media? Your images deserve to be in a frame, album or even on your fridge for your children to enjoy.

I firmly believe that low-quality prints are better than no prints at all! But what if you ordered your prints and albums once a year and stayed on top of things and actually ENJOYED the process? If this feels impossible, just stick with me! There is a why to organize and simply the whole photo process.

The answer…?

Organized folders.

Yep, it’s that simple and I’ll show you how.

  1. Organize your folder by date.

I first start with a folder per year: 2019. Then in that folder I name and organize by date and session/event. For example, start with the year first, then month, then day and label who is in the folder.

“2019/04/20 The Martin Family”

“2019/05/15 The Warsen Family” and so on…

2. If you have several children, give them each a yearly folder. 

This allows you to know what happened in what year and then build other folders in your yearly folder. Once you start this habit of putting everything in organized folders you can find each event very easy even years later.

3. Create a ” yearly highlight” folder on your desktop. 

This step is key! Don’t overwhelm yourself here, only choose the photos that you want to remember from your present year. For example, family photo from vacation, your son’s birthday, your anniversary, and the photos of grandparents with your children. All of these highlights you drag and drop from your current folders into your highlight folder so at the end of the year you have 50-100 photos to print in a family album.

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