A Guide to Enjoy the DC Cherry Blossoms

Long awaited spring has come to DC. Every year I become more and more excited to welcome spring. The warm sunshine, bright daffodils and our beloved cherry blossoms. Over 1.5 million people visit DC over this time to see the blush pink blossoms as they crown the Tidal Basin. I’ve put together a list of places to view the best blossoms, our favorite restaurants, and best coffee shops for you next visit to DC.

The estimated peak season this year in the first week of April. But if you decide to come earlier, be sure to stop by the Smithsonian for their Magnolia blooms. They are exquisite and fill the gardens with their lite fragrance.

Blossom Locations:

  1. Smithsonian -lovely spot with a fountain and gardens right the National Mall
  2. Tidal Basin -the most famous spot for the cherries, a wonderful view of the Jefferson Memorial
  3. The Basilica -in NE DC and on the Catholic University Campus
  4. East Potomac Park -holds the advantage of being the least frequented and most peaceful cherry blossom spot.

Favorite Coffee Shops:

  1. The Wydown -coffee shop nestled on H Street, an open lobby of 3 stores of seating with cozy nooks and plants
  2. The Village -located in the Union Market District
  3. Fox Loves Tacos -a great local spot for coffee and tacos
  4. Compass Coffee -one of the closest coffee options to the Mall
  5. Peregrine Espresso -located near Eastern Market in the quaint neighborhood of Capitol Hill

Favorite Restaurants:

  1. All Purpose -best pizza in DC in my opinion
  2. Primrose -French inspired, relaxed ambience with an outside patio
  3. Maketto  -a fun mix of retail, coffee shop and restaurant. The best chicken lo mien in DC!
  4. Grand Trunk -south Asian eatery (a great option that’s close to the Mall)
  5. Union Market

My Favorite Tourist Spots:

  1. Portrait Gallery
  2. Botanical Gardens
  3. Library of Congress
  4. Building Museum
  5. The Hirshhorn-still on my list of places to visit

Tips: Parking can be tough if you don’t know your way around but the best options are near the Smithsonian on Jefferson Avenue or near the Capitol. The city is enjoyed the best if you park in a garage and then just walk the streets. You see and enjoy things you would have missed if you spend a lot of the time in your car. You can metro but many of the stops aren’t very close to the locations so you end up walking anyway.

You can get all the new updates here on the DC Cherry Blossom watch. Hope you found this helpful and just maybe inspire to visit our beautiful city!


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