Wardrobe for Mamas -what to wear for a photo session

One of the biggest struggles or stresses to any photo session is wardrobe. I have been telling my clients for years what to wear for a session but when it comes time for me to me to pick out our clothes, I start to over think the situation-like we all do!

Here are a few basics to remember:

  1. When in doubt, keep it neutral. Neutral colors photograph the very best. Tan, gray, white, blush and blues look great in the spring and summer. Brown, tan, navy, mustard and olive look great in the fall and winter.
  2. Keep checks and stripes to a minimum. (I prefer none at all) The camera can read them wrong sometimes and they end up looking distorted and distract from your faces and emotion in your photos.
  3. If you using a floral pattern, only have one in the group and play off the colors in the floral to use as solids in the clothes.
  4. If you want to dress up any session, wear long sleeves. This makes such a huge difference in elevating your session’s over-all look.
  5. Ladies, I always recommend wearing a dress. Besides being my personal preference, dresses can be incredibly flattering, add movement and romance to your images, and make your photos timeless.

Here are a few examples from past clients:

Here are a few dress suggestions you can use for inspiration:

  1. Floral dress -spring and summer                      Another option: Here 
  2. Embroidered mustard dress -summer and fall
  3. Short lace dress -spring and summer (this would be gorgeous or a newborn session)
  4. Free people lace dress -spring and summer
  5. Off the shoulder dress -summer                       Another option: Here 
  6. Cream lace dress
  7. The perfect dress! 
  8. Blush floral dress -perfect for spring or summer
  9. Solid blush dress 
  10. Gray chiffon dress -classic and formal

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