DC Snow Traditions

Last week we had our first snow of the winter here in DC. I just love how it makes the world slow down and savor the little moments. It’s tradition after a large snowfall to meet early the next day at the Capitol for sledding. It was still snowing as I made my way up the Capitol steps toward the hill. I stopped a tourist and asked if she would mind grabbing a snapshot of me. In typical fashion it came back blurry. (see below) I made a second attempt and still failed to get in focus. My third attempt was a success, so I hurried over to meet our friends and catch a few rides down the hill. After an hour or so most the parents were wiping noses and carrying crying, wet children home for hot chocolate.

The morning is reserved for smaller children and adults who want to sled. In the afternoon they schedule a snowball battle for the adults. You can usually find the details on the local email list serves or Twitter.

Later we met our friends for brunch at a local diner called Jimmy T’s. It’s located in an old Capitol Hill home and the owner lives above it in the second story. It’s the perfect combination of charm and old-school with a side of grease. 🙂 Their pumpkin waffle was amazing with fresh orange juice. We met one of our customers we have known for years, who was waiting the tables. He helps them out on the weekends in exchange for free breakfasts any time he wants. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

All in all it was the perfect snow day.

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