The Paranagua Family -Washington, DC

This family was an absolute delight to photograph. They loved their baby girl with a tangible love you could see from far away. That’s the thing about waiting for something. The longer you wait, the more precious it is. You relish every moment of it, you see the blessing even in the hard because of your wait. You wouldn’t dare waste a moment because you know those days, months, and even years of waiting and longing too well.

It couldn’t be more true with children. Lately I have had the honor of photographing several families who waited a long time for children. It feels even more precious to capture the “moments” for these families. They tend to linger with their little ones, they sometimes forget I’m even there because they are too busy looking at their miracle. If there’s one thing I have found that helps make a session special is not to hurry. To enjoy your times together and not rush.

Stop and linger awhile….you won’t get these moments back.

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