Friday Favorites: Five Star DC Restaurants

I get asked so many times from friends -and complete strangers- what our favorite restaurants are in DC. To be honest it’s hard to name off just a couple because the food scene in DC is amazing. Daniel and I put together out top 5 favorites. We chose these for many reasons: they put so much time into sourcing the food responsibly, the customer service you receive is amazing every single time, and of course the food itself- the flavors and presentation. Enjoy a few of our favorites!

  1. Roses Luxury -Our favorite restaurant in the city by far! The charm and service make you feel like you’ve come “home.” They have a chef bar that is really fun to sit at so you can watch them cook while you wait. The other tables are a combination of old wooden farm tables and bistro feel. There’s just not another place like it!  The Lychee is our top choice.
  2. Primrose -A lovely French inspired restaurant right in our neighborhood. The owner is incredibly talented and also just a good man. Their double-patty burger with sweet onions is what I order every time.
  3. Brothers and Sisters -Located in the Line Hotel, it is a very mature and beautiful space. They renovated an old church and the chandelier is made from the brass pipes that was in the church organ. I love how they weave history with modern design.
  4. Maketto -This is such a fun urban space! They combine retail, coffee and a restaurant. You will need to make reservations or be prepared for a long wait if you are coming for dinner. But it’s worth it! The fried chicken is our favorite. Another option is go for lunch. No wait and their chicken lo mien is only on their lunch menu.
  5. All Purpose -Their pizza is some of the best in the city but you need to try their charcuterie plate. Amazing!
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