Birds of a Feather….you know the rest

I’ve had several experiences recently that have made me think of how important it is to surround yourself with people that “get” you. This can be in any area of life: your family, your religion, where you are geographically in the world or simply your job.

I went to an event that had over 100 photographers, all in different stages of our business, and I just felt understood. Every lady in the room understood the struggles and fears of running your own business.

Just this week I met up with our Tuesdays Together DC group. This is a monthly meet up that The Rising Tide community started and is now hosted all around the world! The topic of the meeting was keeping our businesses safe -not exactly a “fun” topic and we talked a lot about LLC’s and Sole Proprietorships. But we also talked about how confusing starting a business in DC is and I found out I wasn’t the only person that left the DCRA’s office in tears after waiting 8 hours for 1 paper.

So put yourself out there, meet new people, organize a meet up or reach out to a local person and offer lunch. I treasure the relationships I’ve made. They have challenged me and made me grow.

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