The Norton Family |Washington, DC

I have never seen such a little girl enjoy photos so much. She smiled through her entire session and at the very end I took a portrait of her by herself and she practically posed for it. She is such a button! Enjoy the Norton family and their precious little girl, Evelyne.

Washington_DC_Photographer_0881 Washington_DC_Photographer_0882 Washington_DC_Photographer_0884 Washington_DC_Photographer_0890 Washington_DC_Photographer_0885 Washington_DC_Photographer_0883 Washington_DC_Photographer_0889 Washington_DC_Photographer_0887 Washington_DC_Photographer_0893 Washington_DC_Photographer_0880 Washington_DC_Photographer_0892 Washington_DC_Photographer_0888 Washington_DC_Photographer_0894 Washington_DC_Photographer_0891

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