The Zook Family |National Arboretum, DC

I loved photographing the Zook family! They were so sweet, comfortable and genuine. This time of year at the Arboretum is simply beautiful. We started out with portraits under the fall trees and ended up at the old Capitol columns for a few where the children could run and play. I think they ended up to be my favorite.

Meet the Zook family!

Washington_DC_Photographer_0540 Washington_DC_Photographer_0539 Washington_DC_Photographer_0544 Washington_DC_Photographer_0541 Washington_DC_Photographer_0542 Washington_DC_Photographer_0547 Washington_DC_Photographer_0549 Washington_DC_Photographer_0543 Washington_DC_Photographer_0550 Washington_DC_Photographer_0545 Washington_DC_Photographer_0546 Washington_DC_Photographer_0552 Washington_DC_Photographer_0551 Washington_DC_Photographer_0557 Washington_DC_Photographer_0555 Washington_DC_Photographer_0554 Washington_DC_Photographer_0556 Washington_DC_Photographer_0553

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