Welcoming Gabriella -Washington, DC

With each session I feel so honored to be asked to photograph a newborn, and always amazed at the wonderful families I meet. I felt so welcomed into their home! We took a few family photos and then several with just the siblings. I love the connection between siblings and the rough/gentle way toddlers love on their new baby.

Meet Gabriella.

Washington_DC_Photographer_0014 Washington_DC_Photographer_0015 Washington_DC_Photographer_0012 Washington_DC_Photographer_0007 Washington_DC_Photographer_0004 Washington_DC_Photographer_0008 Washington_DC_Photographer_0011 Washington_DC_Photographer_0010 Washington_DC_Photographer_0020 Washington_DC_Photographer_0005 Washington_DC_Photographer_0017 Washington_DC_Photographer_0018 Washington_DC_Photographer_0019 Washington_DC_Photographer_0022 Washington_DC_Photographer_0003 Washington_DC_Photographer_0002 Washington_DC_Photographer_0021 Washington_DC_Photographer_0023 Washington_DC_Photographer_0024 Washington_DC_Photographer_0025

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