I’ve thought a lot about prayer recently. Why do we pray, how do we pray, and how does it affect our lives? Almost every one of my prayers involves waiting somehow.

1. For over 8 years I have prayed to be reunited with my sister who ran away from home.
2. For 7 years I have prayed we would be blessed with a child.
3. For 2.5 years I prayed for contentment with our home renovation.
4. For 6 months I prayed I would have a better love for the scriptures and dig into The Word more.

It’s funny how we pray for something and then are completely surprised when it is answered. I was asked to teach the adult woman’s Sunday school class at church. It looked intimidating at first but what better way to learn the scriptures with a group of woman to keep you accountable. Many times our prayers take some sort of action/work from us…whether it is in a practical way like teaching a class or simply having faith while we wait.
I took this photo after getting the news of yet another friend expecting a baby. That happy-for-them but crumbling-inside feeling. It may seem silly to take a photo during a moment like that but I never want to forget. It’s so easy to cry with your spouse, or call a friend or sister; this was the time I dropped to my knees first. I asked Jesus to hold my heart and told Him my desires-yet another time.
“What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear! What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!”
He will carry you too, friend. Just ask. ❤️

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