I Welcomed Fall With Open Arms

By now you all know my favorite season is fall. This year me and two of my girlfriends took a road trip south to celebrate. We visited several cafes, did a bit of shopping and ended up at the Fall Barn Sale. The weather, girl time, and apple cider -of course- were all lovely. These kind of days do my heart good.


Our first stop was Heritage Bakery and Cafe. It’s ran by a Mother and Daughter in the tiniest kitchen. Their paninis were amazing and made one of the best macarons I’ve ever eaten.


After lunch we walked around down-town Harrisonburg browsing small shops. My favorite was New Creation Shoppe. It’s passion with purpose is so inspiring. They are using their shop to counteract human trafficking through education, awareness and design. They help not only to rescue but also restore young lives.


We stopped by the coziest of coffee shops in Bridgewater. The service was so friendly, there was a chess board in the corner and a sign as you walked in saying,

 “You belong here. Welcome home.”


Our last stop was the Barn Sale. It’s so fun as we went farther south how the southern accents got stronger. One day, ONE DAY I’ll be able to say “Y’all” and not feel weird. 😉


This lovely lady is in charge of hosting the event each year. Such a kind soul with an amazing talent of making sour dough bread. Isn’t it so pretty?!


One of my highlights during the day was meeting two ladies I have followed online for years. I posted on Facebook that I would be at the barn sale and two ladies responded they were too. That’s what social media is all about friends…connecting but taking it a step farther and meeting face to face.


We met as stranger but I truly think we could be best friends and I’m pretty sure we could say we are sisters. 😉


One of my favorite quotes about fall: “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.”

Isn’t that so true about our hearts? When we let go of the dead things in the fall, cozy up and rest during the winter, beautiful blooms await us in the spring.

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