How to Organize Your Family Photos

Organizing my photos has been a struggle for me for years. I have all my professional and personal photos to keep track of and organize. I recently had a client from years ago ask for several photos from their previous session. Instead of rooting through 5 years worth of thousands of photos, I knew exactly how to locate them.

I first separate my personal and professional folders. Then I separate them by years. For example:

2016 Clients 2016 Personal , 2017 Clients, 2017 Personal

Then in those folders I use the date from the session starting with the year, month, and day:

2017|05|24 The Burdge Family

2017|06|12 The Marley Family

So when it comes to locating a photo from years before all you need to know is; if it was personal or professional and the year. Once you know the folder you can look for the name of the family or date the session was taken.

Before you know it, you have the simple system down and you will be organizing your photos in no time.


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