The National Portrait Gallery -Washington, Dc

I haven’t shared a place to visit in DC for ages and am so excited to share one of my favorites today! The National Portrait Gallery is simply lovely. With all the different art exhibits, marble tile, and white statues I feel I could be Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice for just a moment.

The admission is free and they are open daily form 11:30am-7pm. It is located at the Gallery Place stop on the yellow, red, and green metro lines. It is just a few blocks away from City Center and China Town. The International Spy Museum is right across the street.

The courtyard is gorgeous! The perfect, quiet spot to grab lunch, work on emails or just “people watch.” It’s also lovely for photography with all the natural light coming in from the glass ceiling. There is running water on the floor where little children can splash and play. If you are ever in DC and want a quiet spot to rest, be sure to visit the Portrait Gallery.

Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0078 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0076 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0071 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0059 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0079 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0058 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0060 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0061 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0068 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0072 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0063 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0062 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0064 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0065 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0066 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0067 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0073 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0074 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0075 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0077 Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0070

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