Rachel -Story of Motherhood, Chambersburg Pa

Rachel is genuine, creative and so fun. Enjoy her story of Motherhood with photos from the mustard fields.


How has Motherhood changed you as a woman? 

It has changed what I perceive I am capable of. I remember thinking I wouldn’t know how to care for an infant. A woman’s intuition kicks in and you make it. There is something so very fulfilling in supplying a child’s needs and watching the child grow and develop and return your love. I see my need for wisdom from God and patience in so many small everyday challenges similar to my kids being dependent on me. 
2017-05-09_00032017-05-09_0023Tell us about your family (number of children, the family you were raised in)
I was raised with two siblings (one brother and one sister). I am the youngest. I have many fond memories of mom reading to us until she would drift off to sleep. We would wake her and tell her exactly where she was. She would always pick up and would go again until she fell asleep again. She still does many selfless things for my siblings and me!2017-05-09_0015
2017-05-09_0021What is one family tradition you have raised your family with?
We have a pancake breakfast most every Sunday morning before church prepared by my good husband.
 2017-05-09_00162017-05-09_0004What are your “must-haves” as a Mom?
Something that sure is nice to have as a mom is other moms who can give advice/understand. I’m pretty sure that can be considered a must have!!
2017-05-09_0005What is something you are talented with or passionate about?
I thoroughly enjoy photography. My older sister got me interested and let me use her camera before I had my own.
 I also enjoy baking. Especially if we are hosting or giving the goodies away as we don’t need that many ourselves!
2017-05-09_00012017-05-09_0008Any advice for new Mothers? 
All the sleepless nights are worth it!
2017-05-09_00112017-05-09_0013What is a favorite past-time you do with your child/children? 
I enjoy reading to my girls. The youngest enjoys picture books and doesn’t sit very long. The oldest will listen as long as we read (we did set a limit of how many per night)
2017-05-09_0012 What has motherhood taught you? 
That love can grow. You think you love your oldest so much and will never be able to love another child the same or as much. It’s not so, love grows and somehow you can love both just as much.
2017-05-09_00192017-05-09_0020 What is your favorite quote about motherhood?
“As a mother my job is to take care of the possible and trust God with the impossible.” -Ruth Graham2017-05-09_0018
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