Why Every Photographer Needs Professional Photos

 Daniel and I had our Anniversary photos taken by the incredible Emily from Emily Alyssa Photography.  It was the first time we had professional photos taken in 7 years! You would think for someone who take photos all the time it would feel normal. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. I suddenly felt all kinds of awkward and nervous and let’s face it, we all end up doing the craziest things in our awkward moments. Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0045

Here are a few reasons why all photographers need their photos taken:

  1. We all get nervous. This doesn’t matter how many times you have gotten your photos taken or how many sessions you have shot; the jitters are real!
  2. Client education is SO important. Knowing what to expect is so helpful in preparing for a session. How long you actually spend photographing, when to expect your photo gallery, and what style of photography you shoot.
  3. Affirmation. This is huge during the photo session. When someone tells you you did a good job or you put your hand in just the right place can make you feel much more at ease. It builds your self-esteem and slowly your confidence grows. We all remember the way we felt while a photo was being taken. If that feeling is bad, we would never dream of framing the image; but if that feeling is good, it becomes a priceless memory.
  4. New Headshot’s. All photographers are guilty of taking all the photos and somehow not having many of ourselves. This gives you the chance to refresh on how a client feels AND a chance for new headshot’s. Your clients love seeing the face behind the camera. This also gives you new content for your website and social media. When clients see photos of you it builds a stronger connection.
  5. Under promise-over deliver. I’ve heard this said over and over again from other leaders in the photography industry. I know and believe it makes a difference but until you experience it, it truly makes a difference in your business. After our session our photographer gifted us a box of chocolates. (well, until they melted in the car. It was really hot during our session.) Then we received a sneak peek on the same day of our session! I was so surprised. These are just a few examples of over-delivering that make your clients rave and tell their friends.
  6. Trust.  There are a lot of ways a photographer can build trust but one of the most effective ways is to simple share. Share your experiences, passions,  and life on your social media. Instagram stories is one of my favorite ways to connect. Not only do you have a visual connection but also the sound of your voice and mannerisms. If you don’t like a certain voice or personality of someone I wouldn’t recommend hiring them because your time spent together won’t likely be enjoyable.  Capitol_Hill_Newborn_Photographer_0044So if you are a photographer and haven’t had your photos taken in over 6 years (gasp), schedule a session! You will learn so much through the experience.



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