The Hostetler Family -Shinnston, WV

Family by far is my toughest clients. The children are so comfortable with me they aren’t scared to say and do what they think. They either are crying (or in this case laughing) and it’s all I can do to make them stop. Landon had the giggles all through this session but I adore the expressions and feeling you get when looking at them. Take a look and see….<3

2017-05-26_0050 2017-05-26_0058 2017-05-26_0057 2017-05-26_0047 2017-05-26_0049 2017-05-26_0052 2017-05-26_0051 2017-05-26_0046 2017-05-26_0044 2017-05-26_0043 2017-05-26_0056 2017-05-26_0048 2017-05-26_0060 2017-05-26_0061 2017-05-26_0045 2017-05-26_0055 2017-05-26_0054 2017-05-26_0053

I can’t even express the love that wells up for these little people. Being an Aunt brings me such joy.

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