Slow Growth Make Strong Roots

I remember as a little girl my Grandma Myers always had some kind of plant she was tending to. She kept a small green house (which was actually a raised bed under a window frame) with something growing in it almost all winter. She also made “coal gardens” with us, and we would watch in delight as it grew a little more each time we visited. It was a 5 minute bike ride form our farm-all downhill- so we visited a lot. 🙂

Sadly I wasn’t blessed with my Grandma’s green thumb. I have tried to grow plants for the past seven years we were married with no success. There is an extra “homeyness” to a home with beautiful green plants sitting in random corners. My twin gave me a snake plant and said I couldn’t kill this plant if I tried. Well, I forgot to water it for a week and…you guessed it. It died. Succulents are such a rage right now and I have yet to keep one alive.

The thing is, I enjoy plants. I kept myself from enjoying them in fear I would neglect/starve/and ultimately kill yet another one. So I stopped trying. For years.

But this year I tried again. Maybe it was spring that encouraged me-there’s something so inspiring about new life and color after the winter months.  Or maybe I was desperate to make something homey during our house renovation; whatever the case, I tried again. I love getting up in the morning and watering each plant, snipping off the old blooms and watching them grow.

“Slow growth make strong roots.”

I found this applies a lot to my life and business. I have a lot to grown in, but results don’t show up overnight. They come over time. There will be failures. (i.e. the dead lavender plant above) But when you do see growth in the tiniest of places, it so encouraging. My success was a new bloom on my red Geranium this morning.

Maybe only you can see and feel it, but that’s enough.

“I find joy in everyday, not because life is always good; but because God is.”

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