Seda -Story Of Motherhood

I’m so excited to introduce to you all this month my good friend, Seda. We have known each other since I moved to Dc. She is such a fun Mother, loyal friend and adventurous soul. Enjoy her story of Motherhood.

2017-01-24_0002How has Motherhood changed you as a woman?
I used to believe in the equal abilities of men and women in a partnership, until I became a mother. I already know women culturally/socially face different obstacles than men, but now I am convinced we are 150%

capable of more physical and emotional obstacles! I think we just have an innate desire to be better for ourselves and others.2017-01-24_0032

2. What is your full time occupation?

I keep my own shop. It’s called Shopkeepers!2017-01-24_0003

3. Tell us about your family (number of children, the family you were raised in).
I’ll try to keep it short. I’m 2nd generation Cambodian-American, born and raised in Northern Virginia. My parents came here shortly after my sister was born in the early 80’s. I grew up very close to my sister, my parents always reminded us that for the rest of our lives, we will always and only have each other. We were your typical fun, close, and dysfunctional family. I am the baby, and I could never imagine having to deal with a younger sibling. Now that I’m older, I believe my sister had the patience of a saint.2017-01-24_0006

4. What is one family tradition you have raised your family with?

Eating dinner together and spending time off as a family. My parents worked a lot growing up but when they weren’t working, we were always together! I was jealous of other families that allowed their kids to do all those fun weekend activities and camps, but it was always just us hanging out. No piano, no soccer, nothing. It was still lots of fun and I appreciate it now even more as an adult. We don’t get a lot of time off working for ourselves but even if Erik has a work trip, the whole family has to try to go together. Now that we have a second it’s not as easy but the goal is to roll deep as a gang when we can.2017-01-24_0008

5. What are your “must-haves” as a Mom?

Any kind of all-purpose cream?? Even better if it’s natural and organic. Your hands get dry, your kids get chapped, whatever it is, you’ll have something for everyone and any dry body part!2017-01-24_00212017-01-24_0022

6. What is something you are talented with or passionate about?

Cambodian politics. I can’t help myself. I am here in America for a reason, and I am obsessed with the Cambodian diaspora.2017-01-24_00202017-01-24_0026

7. Any advice for new Mothers?

Hand-pump, I tell every new mom this! Also, if the family is healthy, then continue to remind yourself of that before you beat yourself up over not meeting your personal “mom-spectations”.2017-01-24_00282017-01-24_0027

8. Where do you call home?

Northeast DC.2017-01-24_00332017-01-24_0035

9. What is a favorite past-time you do with your child/children?

I love having a slow morning during the day with the babies and Erik. Since we spend so much time at the business’ instead of home, getting a chance to have mornings at home together not rushing out the door, it feels amazing! We can just enjoy having those conversations together, coffee in our apartment, help each other prepare for the day, and enjoy the apartment we love but are never in, haha! Also, those one-on-one conversations with my toddler are priceless, she is so funny, I love taking the time to chat with her.2017-01-24_00172017-01-24_0015
10. What has motherhood taught you?
Honestly? That I don’t need much sleep to live. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want more.2017-01-24_0030

11. What is your favorite quote about motherhood?
“It could be worse!” Maybe not motherhood specific, but it applies.2017-01-24_00252017-01-24_0024

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