The Kanewske Family -The National Mall, DC

This little family is a favorite of mine! You will probably remember seeing them a few months ago when Ethan was born. Basil was a bit nervous around all the new smells but she did amazing as usual. Have fun browsing their family photo session on the National Mall.

2016-11-09_0012 2016-11-09_0007 2016-11-09_0011 2016-11-09_0014 2016-11-09_0015 2016-11-09_0013 2016-11-09_0016 2016-11-09_0017 2016-11-09_0019 2016-11-09_0018 2016-11-09_0026 2016-11-09_0024 2016-11-09_0002 2016-11-09_0001 2016-11-09_0005

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