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Several years ago I started writing two cards a week. In the age of social media I find it’s so easy to just send a text or email. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the different social platforms! They have allowed me to connect with different friends and entrepreneurs in ways I couldn’t without them. 2017-01-25_0001

But there is something much more meaningful about a hand-written note. You can’t mass email them or copy-and-paste. Each one takes time, effort and thought. They connect with different senses as well. You can see, touch and (in my case, because I’ve been known to spray perfume on them) smell. 😉 My special ones are on our fridge where I can re-read them and feel encouraged over and over again.
2017-01-25_0002Last week was hard for many reasons. My friend’s baby was hospitalized, a sudden accident took four lives, and another friend lost a baby. I struggle so badly in those moments to know what to do or say. This is where letters are so helpful. You can show you care and genuinely ask how they are without interrupting their lives. We all have been asked how we are doing when we are going through something really tough. No one wants to go into full tear-mode in the middle of Target or after church. Letters allow your friends to receive them in the privacy of their home. It allows to open doors that you can follow up later face-to-face if they want.

Yesterday was National-Handwriting Day. If you read this and a person suddenly came to mind; I challenge you to stop for a moment, pick up your pen and jot down a quick note. Don’t let the excuse of “not knowing the words” or “right time” stop you. It may just brighten their day or even take them from a dark place knowing their friend is rallying behind them.

Happy hand-writing friends! 2017-01-25_0004

(I stalk Target’s dollar isle regularly for $1 cards.)

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