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I’m so excited to introduce my friend Jean for this month’s Story of Motherhood. Her little family was visiting back in the States for a week and we managed to sneak in a short family session. I found that distance from any friends or family can be hard at times but it makes the time spent together so much sweeter. Enjoy hearing her perspective on Motherhood…

2016-09-28_00011. How has motherhood changed you as a woman?
I suppose I’m more settled, like my friend once pointed out. I’m not as restless, wondering what to put my time and energy into. I feel like I’m doing exactly what I was created to do.2016-09-28_0004

2. What is your full time occupation?
A mother and wife.2016-09-28_0002

3. Tell us about your family (number of children, the family you were raised in, where you are from)?
I was born in Minnesota and have lived in numerous states since. I come from a family of seven children. My parents are currently residing in PA and my siblings are scattered across the US. My husband and I and our precious baby girl are currently living in Jerusalem.2016-09-28_0003

4. What is one family tradition you have raised your family with?
Well, I guess we’ve only begun the raising part, so we haven’t started many traditions yet. But one that we definitely want to foster is reading to our child/children before bed.2016-09-28_0008

5. What are your ‘must haves’ as a mom?
Nursing pads!! And plenty of burp cloths!
Also, it’s very important to me to have good snacks on hand to help with the nursing cravings.2016-09-28_0006

6. What is something you are talented with or passionate about?
Child development is something that has always fascinated me. I’ve never formally studied it but I find that there are fewer things that delight me more than watching and interacting with the movements and developments of toddlers.2016-09-28_0011

7. Any advice for new mothers?
Take a deep breath and relax! 🙂 Everything’s gonna be ok. The newborn stage was so hard for me. I felt I was constantly figuring out a puzzle… “ok, why is my baby crying? Does she have a tummy ache and is it something I ate? What if I simply can’t give this child what she needs, emotionally or physically?”
God gave a mother what it takes to care for her child. And every stage passes sooner or later.2016-09-28_0010

8. Where do you call home?
I’m ‘home’ when I’m with my hubby and baby girl. Though we live in Jerusalem, we don’t plan to be here permanently. As far as community, right now I feel a bit adrift.2016-09-28_0013

9. What is a favorite past-time you do with your child/children?
Right now she is fascinated with mirrors, so the most delightful thing to do is hold her in front of one and watch her come alive. She coos and grins at herself.2016-09-28_0018

10. What has motherhood taught you?
Staying calm is the best idea ever!
And mistakes are not beyond God’s amazing redemptive power.2016-09-28_0017

11. Do you have a favorite quote about motherhood?
“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” –Milton Berle2016-09-28_00122016-09-28_0016

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