30th Birthday Bash -2016

Last weekend Jolene and I went to Lancaster for several days. We met in Pa so Mom and Dad could watch her children. We haven’t spent that much time together without children for years. We felt 16 again! I got to the farm late Friday night and we talked till the wee hours of the morning. We left early Saturday morning and went into Lancaster City to do some shopping.


I made sure we had plenty of snacks along for the drive. 🙂


Maybe I’ve been living in the city too long but any farmers market seems like such a treat for me. Fresh flowers, meat, and yummy baked goods.

2016-10-29_0008 2016-10-29_0009 2016-10-29_0010 2016-10-29_0011 2016-10-29_0012

That evening we got to the Loft. Oh this place is just how I imagined it! So cozy and creative. We sat and sipped tea and for the first in years caught up on talking.

2016-10-29_0022 2016-10-29_0024 2016-10-29_0002 2016-10-29_0003 2016-10-29_0013 2016-10-29_0015 2016-10-29_0014 2016-10-29_0021 2016-10-29_0016

The next morning we went to an old diner right down the road. Being twins, we naturally had to split our breakfast.

2016-10-29_0033 2016-10-29_0032

We headed to our twin friends’ house for lunch afterwards. Yes, there was a lot of eating this weekend. Jolene didn’t know I had invited a few other friends to join us. Train had the table set up so beautiful with fresh flowers and candles.

2016-10-29_0026 2016-10-29_0034 2016-10-29_0037 2016-10-29_0035 2016-10-29_0036 2016-10-29_0038 2016-10-29_0039

Then we sat in the sunshine while they lavished us with presents. We are so incredibly blessed!

2016-10-29_0040 2016-10-29_0027 2016-10-29_0041 2016-10-29_0042

Both being pizza lovers, we picked a pie up on our way back to the loft.

2016-10-29_0019 2016-10-29_0017

The next morning we went for massages after stopping in at Cafe One Eight for brunch.

2016-10-29_0020 2016-10-29_0018 2016-10-29_0029 2016-10-29_0001

On our way home we stopped by our Grandma’s house. She of course had tea and cookies waiting for us.


When we got back to Mom’s there were some very happy children waiting to see us. I think Jolene was even more excited to see them.


Here’s to our 30s! I pray we stay pure and true in the years ahead.


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