4 Tips for a Daily Devotional

I hope I’m not the only one, but I really struggled in having a daily devotional time. With lots of determination- and sacrifice- it has become a daily routine I look forward to!

Here are just a few things that helped me in forming a daily devotional habit:

1. Set your alarm.

It’s that easy and SO effective. I set it a half hour earlier than I need to and have that time set aside for my devotions. Now even on mornings I can sleep in, my body will still wake up at 7 am sharp. 🙂 I know we aren’t all morning people, but most good things in our life take a little sacrifice. I think it’s essential to getting your day off to the right start.

2. Get something new

This sounds odd but it works! Buy a new journal, Bible (to leave notes), or my favorite: a tea mug. Anthropology sells the cutest mugs in the alphabet for only $8. You can find them HERE. 

3. Put down the phone

I realized I was getting up in the morning and first thing looking at my phone. The emails, updates, and likes can wait; but the time you need to focus on what matters and set your day right shouldn’t.

4. Make it enjoyable.

This fast became one of my favorite parts of the day, but I made conscience effort to make it happen. I always have my favorite tea available (I’ve been known to make a grocery stop just for tea if need be) and a cozy blanket near the living room couch. It makes a difference when you have warm, inviting things waiting for you.

*tip- My mind seems to always wonder when I pray. It’s crazy the things it can bounce back and fourth from like laundry, “mmm this tea is good”, ‘did I forget to lock the car?’ and what ever may be happening that day. It has helped me so much to kneel. By simply getting on my knees helps me to focus on my prayers and feels closer to God somehow.

These are just a few things that helped me…I’d love to hear things that you do!

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