The Day I Held An Angel

I remember the day so clearly. The room. The smells. The weight of the tiny bundle placed in my arms. There weren’t any words at that moment.  We stood there silently crying as we hugged. Looking back, I realize the power of touch. When you can’t physically go on but a friend’s touch says you can. The shoulders beside you can ease some of the burden and pain.   2016-02-27_0002

 Life is beautiful and fragile and leaves us with many questions at times.  But Aubree’s short life taught me that we need one another in every season of life. The milestones, birthdays, and celebrations we need others to laugh with us. In the hard and dark times of our lives we need friends to rally around us. We all have moments we will never forget. I pray they drive us to be kinder, softer, and in someone’s life: share hope.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17

(dedicated to Aubree-on your third heavenly birthday)

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