Marriage is worth Celebrating

No, it’s not our anniversary or any other special occasion. But last week I was reminded again how wonderful marriage is. I had a day that everything seemed to go wrong. One thing built on the other and by the time I went to bed I had a full meltdown. I’m not proud of it. It was one of those times all of my pent-up frustration came out in one long “ugly cry.” The worst thing about it was I wanted to blame Danny-of course I picked the closest person in range. The one person dearest to me, who loves me the most. Sometimes I’m alarmed at what ugly feelings I’m capable of thinking. At times I can be just downright hard to love. Instead of clamming up, yelling, or any other thing he might have felt entitled to at the moment, he hugged me. He wrapped his arms around me and said, “I love you even when I’m frustrated.” That moment right there friends is worth celebrating. Marriage is loving the unlovely in the tough times. I’m so thankful we both were taught marriage is for a lifetime.

“For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health….and in the real day-to-day moments.”

(wedding day)

(wedding day)

 credit: Heather Myers Photography

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