Cupcake/Macaroon Tour in Georgetown

When a few friends from church suggested going on a cupcake/macaroon tour in Georgetown, I was so excited! We walked to all the various shops and learnt some history along the way.  2015-07-20_00011. Sprinkles-we sampled their “dark chocolate” cupcake.
2015-07-20_0004 2015-07-20_0003 2015-07-20_0002 2015-07-20_0006 2015-07-20_00072. Thomas Sweet Ice Cream Co.

We sampled their “peanut butter/chocolate” fudge
2015-07-20_0008 2015-07-20_0009I love the old-charm of Georgetown.  2015-07-20_00053. Macaroon Bee.

A sweet tea shop nestled behind M Street. I sampled their “salted caramel” macaroon.  2015-07-20_0013 2015-07-20_0010 2015-07-20_00114. Dean and Deluca

A market full of colorful fruit and fresh produce. Their “orange cream” macaroon was delightful!  2015-07-20_0014 2015-07-20_0015 2015-07-20_0012 2015-07-20_00235. Olivia Macaron.

The “lavender” macaroon was a sweet sensation of sugar and perfume.

2015-07-20_0016 2015-07-20_0019                                This is what I really felt like going into the different stores. The

                                  colors and sweets were mesmerizing, for toddlers and adults alike.  2015-07-20_0017 2015-07-20_00186. Georgetown Cupcakes.

There “red velvet and cream cheese” is a Dc classic.  2015-07-20_0020 2015-07-20_0021I’m so thankful for friends to make wonderful memories with.  2015-07-20_0022

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