Celebrating Life

I recently have had several words going through my mind that I think all woman crave:

Beauty. Friendship. Community.

I attended a birthday party for our pastor’s wife this week and on the way back to Dc I realized how full I felt. I had experienced each of those words in different ways.

Beauty: Linda, Ann, and Nicole did a wonderful job of decorating the backyard; from twinkling lights to fresh cut flowers. Beauty has a way of satisfying, sparking creativity and evening inspiring.
2015-06-20_00032015-06-20_00042015-06-20_0005Friendship: We all need friends to rally around us at times and this night was in honor of Vonnie. She has impacted all of us ladies in someway over the years and I’m so grateful for her friendship.
2015-06-20_00212015-06-20_0006The birthday girl! 2015-06-20_00132015-06-20_0008Community: I realize how important this is more each year. A place you feel at home and  where people know your faults and strengths. A place where you can be honest, challenged but safe. 2015-06-20_00072015-06-20_00102015-06-20_00192015-06-20_00112015-06-20_00122015-06-20_00142015-06-20_00152015-06-20_00162015-06-20_0017Happy Monday friends!



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