Backyard Smore’s

One thing I worried about moving to a small row house in Dc was if we could still host parties. It gets crowded at times, but our backyard gives extra needed space.(also a cute spot for fall evenings while its still warm enough-but be warned! Dc is swampy so arm yourself with plenty of bug spray)

Danny and I had our church youth group over this past October for soft pretzels and smore’s.

2014-11-26_0007 2014-11-26_0006 2014-11-26_0012 2014-11-26_0009 2014-11-26_0008 2014-11-26_0010 2014-11-26_0005We had a 45 minute demonstration on all the ways to make coffee. The kitchen smelled wonderful!
2014-11-26_0004 2014-11-26_0002 2014-11-26_0011 2014-11-26_0003 2014-11-26_0001 2014-11-26_0013

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