Candle Making

My Mom, sisters, and a few aunts decided to have a candle day.

All morning the kitchen was full of good conversation and wonderful smells!

My aunt Becky bought most of the supplies from . Step 1: weigh out the wax flakes We had lots of little help Step 2: melt the wax to 185 degrees Step 3: let it cool to 135 degrees Step 4: meanwhile you can glue the wicks to your jars Step 5: add whatever yummy scent you love! Step 6: add coloring Step 7: let the wax set

(we made them on a chilly Feb. morning so they set up fast on the front porch) We finished up with dinner of Mom’s warm soap.

One of my favorite spots on earth is my parents’ kitchen table. The finished product!

Not only  do I love the smell but it brings wonderful memories.

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