Puerto Rico. Part 2-rainforest

I woke up early Tuesday to the clear skies and sunshine-the perfect weather to go to the rain forest!
I can’t think of a better way (or place) to do work orders:)waiting for the bus…orchids were everywhere!
the tower had a gorgeous view
our tour guide
the “sleeping” hibiskusJust what I needed to see as I walked into the rest room Lots of people were swimming in the falls. Danny tried but it was too cold. on our way home we stopped along mountain road at a little shop to eatdanny’s mealmine. the best chicken kabobs the ladies that went with us. from San Fransisco, New York, and Hawaii.
the other man on our tour. he had recently lost his wife and was re-visitig some places they had gone togetherWe caught a few waves then finished our day back at the hotel.
the restraunt at our hotelwe got a surprise delivery from one of the managers at our market in Dc!

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